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Designed For Greatness

-Biography/ About Me:

Cheryl Dyson- Bennett is a Published Author (In The Arms Of Jesus) , Life Coach, and an Inspirational speaker of Designed for Greatness.

She shares compelling personal stories during Seminars, Workshops & Events that deliver healing and transformation to young women and men living in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Cheryl is also a Successful Life coach offering hope, love, encouragement and transformation in the lives of those that she coaches.

Her Debut  "In The Arms of Jesus" is the story of Cheryl's life from humble beginnings growing up in South Carolina to her current life as a devoted wife and loving mother in Washington DC, working for the Government.

In The Arms of Jesus is available in both the E book and Paperback edition. Order your copies now on, Smashwords or going over to the In The Arms of Jesus tab.